Hi friends! I am Dipti and baking is my passion. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the varieties of cakes, cupcakes and chocolates available. Being an Indian housewife, I have spent innumerable hours in the kitchen and always managed to delight my family and friends with my freshly baked and nicely presented cakes, cupcakes and chocolates.

Through CakeBake, its my aim to share, the same "home-made recipe secrets" with everyone; to share my passion for cakes and make available the most premium, most delicious and most fresh cakes, to each and every citizen of my lovely hometown Raniganj and its nearby cities like Asansol, Durgapur, Andal, Jamuria, Mejia, Pandaveshwar, Ukhra. Its my commitment that you will be compelled to taste each and every variety of CakeBake.

Also, being a Certified Chocolatier and Cake Artist, I am making available, for the first time in this region, a range of "3D CAKES" - Cakes with Beauty - Cakes which are perfectly suited to each occasion - Jalwa, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, New year, Valentines' day, Mothers' Day, Children's Day, Teachers' Day and many more occasions.

Chocolates are fast replacing sweets as the choice of gift during festivities. To this extend, I have offered a range of fresh Home-made chocolates in special packaging available for consumption and gifting.

I am thankful to my hubby and parents-in-law for their continuous encouragement and support in my endeavor and to my mother, who is my teacher, my mentor - forever.

As always, double your happiness with CakeBake.